Complete Cooling towers can supply spare parts to suit all makes and models of cooling towers, fluid coolers or evaporative condensers. We keep a variety of spares in our warehouse in Sydney, which means short supply lead times on a variety of products. We have experience on obsolete towers and manufactures such as Muller, Temcel, Temperature Engineering, Aqua Cool, Superchill and Marley cooling towers.

Feel free to give us a call and we can inspect your unit to:


  • Improve the reliability of your cooling system
  • Extend the life of your equipment
  • Improve system efficiencies
  • Reduce maintenance cost

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Mechanical  Fans, Motors and Pumps
Fill media, Drift Eliminators and Intake Louvers
Nozzles, Sprinklers and Strainers




Bearing Housings

Supplied complete with fan shaft, bearings, and hardware, pre-aligned and pre-greased ready for immediate installation. Designed to minimize equipment down time and the difficulties associated with replacing corroded or damaged components.



Providing a wide range of both vertically and horizontally mounted 2 bolt pillow block and 4 bolt flange mounted bearings to suit any cooling tower application, modified for cooling tower and wetted air stream operation.



Individual V belts and multi-groove power banded belts are available for all applications supplied in both imperial and metric sizes. Mechanical solutions are available on units that have transmission problems with belts disengaging associated with excessively long belts.


Drive shafts and couplings

Drive shafts available in stainless steel and carbon fibre construction. Genuine factory authorized parts and custom designs available. Suitable for small factory assembled to large field erected cooling towers.


Solid Fan shafts

Manufactured to small tolerances for surface finish, roundness, hardness and straightness to provide long service life with reduced maintenance. Available in steel and stainless steel construction, ground and polished for vibration free operation. Suitable for all makes and models.


Hollow fan shafts

Machined precisely for vibration free operation, journals ground and polished, available in steel and stainless steel construction. Suitable for all makes and models - BAC and EVAPCO, Muller, Superchill, etc.
Make Up float valves



Right angle drive gear reducers manufactured and designed specifically for the unforgiving evaporative cooling environment - HVAC and heavy industrial industry.




Manufactured from high grade aluminum designed for moist air stream operation, corrosion resistant, up to 80% less weight than cast steel, reduce maintenance, static and dynamic load reduction on the drive train resulting in increased service. Supplied with power banded belts, also available in cast steel, stainless steel and PVC construction.



Fans, Motors and Pumps


Centrifugal fans

Featuring forward curved design, statically and dynamically balanced for vibration free operation, unmatched 2 year warranty, available in stainless steel, galvanized steel, powder coated steel construction, sizes 15” to 30” diameter, suitable for all makes and models – Aquacool, BAC, EVAPCO, Supechill.



Multi-blade, adjustable pitch, low noise, high efficiency axial flow fans. Available in aluminium, glass nylon, polypropylene or fiberglass construction. Sizes up to and in excess of 10metre diameter.


Water Pumps

Spray pumps are a centrifugal close-coupled design with mechanical seal arrangement. Pumps feature bronze wear rings and stainless steel shafts. Bronze impellers are available as an option. Coupled motors are 50HZ and MEPS 2006 compliant, totally enclosed for outdoor use.


Fan Motor

Cooling tower spec motors are design and modified specifically for the harsh wetted air stream environment, minimum I.P56 protection rating. Suitable for both direct drive and belt drive applications. Available with stainless steel shaft, extend shaft length, multiple pole & 2 speed options


Fill media, Drift Eliminators and Intake Louvers


Crossflow fill

CROSS-PAK Fill is a Herringbone Crossflow fill block design for retrofit into BAC 3000, Shinwa SDC and Liang Chi cross flow cooling towers. Each fill block is glued into 1' wide blocks with a standard 2' fill air travel. Blocks can be cut to size on request for an additional fee to accomodate exact fit in competitors equipment. CROSS-PAK is a fill only block and does not include any integrated inlet louver or drift eliminator.


1200 Fill

E1200 Fill Block - Cut to dimensions listed, E1200 is a counterflow fill designed for high performance HVAC Clean water applications. E1200 is manufactured from rigid PVC, is UV stable and impervious to biological attack.


1900 Fill

E1900 Fill Block - Cut to dimensions listed, E1900 is a counterflow fill designed for high performance HVAC Clean water applications. E1900 is manufactured from rigid PVC, is UV stable and impervious to biological attack.



Titan Pak Fill Blocks are manufactured from stainless steel, designed as a solution to high temperature water applications and applications where aggressive chemical cleaning of the cooling tower is required. Titan Pak fill is similar in design and pitch to EVAPAK E1200 which translates into only a small derate when used as a replacement to the E1200 fill



TechClean fill media is the perfect solution for balancing thermal performance and foul resistance for most cooling tower applications. TechClean is manufactured from rigid polyvinyl chloride PVC sheets for cooling tower heat transfer applications. The PVC sheets are resistant to UV, rot, fungus and organic and inorganic solvents, acids and alkalis and chemicals normally found in cooling tower circulating water.


Inlet louver

WST Inlet louvers are designed to keep water in and sunlight out, Designed using complex fluid dynamics software the WST is superior to all inlet louver designs on the market. WST can be installed on crossflow and counterflow units.


Drift Eliminators

High efficiency UV stabilized PVC drift eliminators, exceeding AS3666 standards with a drift loss rating of 0.001%, water saving, superior strength cellular construction, also available in high temperature material.
Nozzles, Sprinklers and Strainers


Nozzles and gromments 

Low clog non rotating nozzles, designed to operate in the extreme conditions, easy removal minimal maintenance, reduce potential to foul.



Anti-cavitation cold water basin strainer designed from perforated mesh. Supplied in stainless steel or galvanized steel. Available in cylindrical and square flat style. Suitable for Aqua Cool, BAC, EVAPCO, Muller, etc.


Rotating sprinkler heads

Complete range of rotating sprinkler heads and branch arm accessories suitable for all types of round bottle type cooling towers. Available in aluminum and PVC construction.


Casings, Pans and Coils



Elliptical tubed coils designed for maximum heat transfer and increased thermal performance. Available in stainless steel, hot dipped galvanized steel, and copper – round tube of high performance elliptical tube. Designs available to suit Aqua Cool, Auscon, BAC, EVAPCO, Muller, Superchill, etc


Casings and Pans

Available in galvanized, powder coated, or stainless steel casing finish supplied complete with heat transfer coil or fill media, drift eliminators, water distribution system, sealers, hardware, and pipe connections for quick change over with minimal unit down time. Pan sections are also available to match an existing casing section