Our service company Complete Cooling Towers boast the most experienced service team in NSW when it comes to evaporative cooling equipment. We offer a range of different services such as::

  • Cleaning of cooling towers in accordance with AS 3666
  • Mechanical part replacement and balancing of cooling tower fans
  • Site Assembly of towers shipped in 2 sections
  • Customized ladder and platforms if standard ladders are not suitable
  • Timber tower repair
  • CKD assembly of new cooling towers
  • Turnkey installation

Unit refurbishment

Complete Cooling Towers are your experts when it comes to refurbishments of existing cooling towers. In many cases the existing fibreglass structures of cooling are in good condition. The cooling tower ‘internals’ can be replaced. That is the fill media, drift eliminators, motors etc. This will give you a new cooling tower without the need of an expensive crane to lift in a newer factory assembled cooling tower

See below some of our before and after pictures for refurbished cooling towers

Unit Cleans and maintenance

Complete Cooling Towers are also available for cooling tower cleans. AS 3666 details the monthly, quarterly, and yearly service requirement of evaporative cooling equipment. These services and clean are required by law to minimize the risk associated with legionella. Further to this mechanical equipment must be properly care for, ie belt tensions, greasing bearings etc. This ensures less likelihood for parts breaking down and in the case of new units, warranty is not void.

See below some of our tower cleans and maintenance regimes

Timber cooling tower

There are many timber cooling towers in NSW, mainly in large process plants. Sometimes it is not easy to replace large timber towers due to the nature of the installation and changes to associated pipework. We at Complete cooling towers can assist in replacement of customized cooling tower parts we can prolong the life of the timber towers. This would mean replacing fans, motors, fill, inlet louvers and the introduction of drift eliminators, which is a requirement of AS3666.

See below some of the work we have done on timber cooling tower

CKD Assembly

Complete Cooling Towers have managed to assembly new cooling towers from complete part form. This allows us to carry up material in lifts and stairwells, eliminating the need for a large mobile crane and allowing us to put a new cooling tower in where a crane lift is not possible. The parts can be cut down to size to fit into the walkways available. This is following a carefully carried out site inspection which ensures all is possible.

See below some of our CKD project

Turn-Key installations

We at Complete Cooling Towers are able to manage a complete turnkey solution incorporating the following

  • Crane lifts
  • Pipework including installation of auxiliary equipment such as pumps and valves
  • Electrical including upgrades of switchboard
  • Demolition and disposal
  • Structural supports on new cooling tower piers
  • Customised ladder and access platforms

Letting us manage your replacement cooling tower project can help you focus on other aspects of your business, particularly if you don’t have a project manager to spare.